Implementation Guide


Help students manage stress, learn super useful mindfulnesstechniques, and earn a digital badge from IBM.


Now more than ever before, we are all looking for ways to ensure we are taking care of ourselves mentally. The Mindfulness badge, developed in partnership with the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, enables educators and students to develop stress management and mental health practices that can be leveraged both at school and at home.


Tags: mindfulness, workplace skills, job prep, high school,internship prep


Language availability: English


Recommended student audience:

  • K-12: 9th-12th grade
  • College-level students
  • Adult learners
  • All

Estimated time for students to complete the learning

~ 3 hours to complete the full course and earn the badge

Implementation ideas

Do it in a day: Help your students prepare for the rigors of a big test or event by learning the fundamentals of mindfulness and incorporating some of the teacher resources.


Do it in a week: Hosting virtual or in-person summer learning? Have your students start with a mindfulness course module each morning to help them prepare for the day.


Do it over a unit/summer: Hosting a longer program for students? Incorporating mindfulness into your programming will give your students the tools they need to handle some of the stress they may encounter and allow them to get centered and focused as they approach the tasks in front of them.


Embed it in a class: Mindfulness is great for any class, especially when students are studying complex or unfamiliar topics like computer science and STEM content. Use our Mindfulness Curriculum Map available in the teacher resources channel above to lead your students in a comprehensive deep-dive of Mindfulness.   

What others are saying

I’m thinking of a specific example, like the mindfulness badge, which is something that we’re promoting and it is timely because what they learn in that badge is something that they need from a skill perspective to adapt to this new environment [with COVID]. -Nithya, High School Educator 

 This has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I really didn’t expect to learn this much in the course with so much life knowledge to go home with. Thanks a lot IBM and Oxford. This is really life changing. -Thaban (student)