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Badges earners have an understanding of six emerging technologies that power today’s jobs: AI, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data and analytics, and the Internet of Things. Individuals know foundational concepts, terminology, and how technologies are applied to solve problems in organizations and business. Badge earners can use this knowledge to explore careers in tech.



Open Source Origin Stories


Badge earners have acquired foundational knowledge in hybrid cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) ethics, and open source technologies. They know the differences between private and public clouds, the attributes of hybrid cloud, and the role of data containers; the types of human ethical behavior, how they relate to AI ethics, how AI ethics can fail, and ways to reduce the resulting harm; open source history, roles, responsibilities; and the role of these technologies in today’s jobs.



AI Foundations


This badge earner has the key knowledge, skills, and values necessary to understand and work with artificial intelligence (AI), and is aware of the implications of AI for the future of work and society in general. Earners have applied their knowledge through an AI Design Challenge, using design thinking to create a prototype for an AI-powered solution that helps people improve their skills.



Build Your Own Chatbot


The badge earner has demonstrated an understanding of the creation of Chatbots by leveraging Watson Conversation and their deployment on WordPress.



Blockchain Essentials


This badge earner has developed an understanding of Blockchain principles and practices and how they can be applied within a business environment. They have an understanding of Blockchain and distributed ledger systems, the important concepts and key use cases of Blockchain and how assets can be transferred in a Blockchain network.


Cloud Core


This badge holder understands the basics of cloud technology and is able to describe cloud platforms and models including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Public, Private and Hybrid Multi clouds. The badge earner is familiar with essentials of cloud applications and terms like Virtualization, VMs, Containers, Object Storage, Microservices, Serverless, Cloud Native, and DevOps. The individual has also gained hands-on experience at creating a Cloud account and provisioning services on IBM Cloud.



IBM Cloud Essentials


This badge earner is able to relate how the IBM Cloud enables the different service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) models and different deployment (Public, Hybrid, Private) models of cloud computing. They know how to: access the IBM Cloud using various tools and interfaces; discover appropriate IBM Cloud products or services available for specific functionality; articulate the different ways IBM Cloud delivers services to developers and operational teams; and summarize core groups of available services.



Cybersecurity Fundamentals


This badge earner demonstrates a foundational understanding of cybersecurity concepts, objectives, and practices. This includes cyber threat groups, types of attacks, social engineering, case studies, overall security strategies, cryptography, and common approaches that organizations take to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks. This also includes an awareness of the job market. Badge earners can use this knowledge to pursue further education for a variety of roles in cybersecurity.



Data Science Foundations Level 1


This badge earner has an understanding of the possibilities and opportunities that data science, analytics and big data bring to new applications in any industry.



Data Science Tools


This badge earner is able to use Jupyter Notebooks including its features and popular tools used by R Programmers including RStudio IDE. The earner understands how to use various data science and data visualization tools hosted on Skills Network Labs. The individual is familiar with IBM Watson Studio including its features and capabilities and can create and share a Jupyter Notebook.



Data Science Methodology


This badge earner has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the different stages that constitute the data science methodology, which is instrumental to solving any data science problem.



Big Data Foundations Level 1


This badge earner has a basic understanding of Big Data concepts and their applications to gain insight for providing better service to customers. The earner understands that Big Data should be processed in a platform that can handle the variety, velocity, and the volume of data by using components that require integration and data governance.



Hadoop Foundations Level 1


This badge earner has a basic understanding of Hadoop. The earner can describe what Big Data is and the need for Hadoop to be able to process that data in a timely manner. The individual can describe the Hadoop architecture and how to work with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using IBM BigInsights.