Implementation Guide

Cloud Computing

Help your students learn about cloud computing and how theyinteract with the cloud everyday.


Every day we interact with cloud computing and may never know it. From our mobile devices storing our photos to smart devices relaying commands to emails we can access anywhere, our data is stored in remote servers in large warehouses around the world in what is collectively called, the cloud. But what exactly is the cloud and how does it impact our lives? Cloud computing powers everything from your favorite mobile app to the latest weather reports to your favorite streaming services and will only become more important over time. So let’s get our heads in the clouds and look around.


Tags: Cloud, Cloud computing, hybrid cloud, design thinking, Internet of Things, IoT


Language availability: English


Recommended student audience:

  • 9th-12th
  • College
  • STEM Nonprofits or after school clubs


Connections to other SkillsBuild for Students learning: Cloud is the backbone that drives all emerging technology. With an understanding of Cloud computing, your students will have more context for how AI applications and Blockchain run.

Estimated time for students to complete the learning

~ 9 modules , 1 assessment, and 3 videos

~ 18 hours to complete the whole learning plan

Implementation ideas

Do it in a day: Have students participate in the “Get Your Head in the Cloud: IBM Activity Kit” then have students create their own concept of a cloud-based mobile app.


Do it in a week: Engage students with the basic introduction to cloud computing with “What is Cloud Computing,” “How is Cloud Computing Used,” and then have them complete the “Introduction to Cloud” badge.


Do it over a unit/Summer: Have students learn cloud computing and IBM Cloud essentials by completing first four sections of the learning plan where students can earn two badges.


Embed it in a class: Have your students work through the whole learning plan which gets them up to speed on Cloud Computing and hybrid cloud in additional to earning two badges. Use our Cloud Computing Curriculum Map to lead your students in a comprehensive look into the subject. 

What users are saying

 Excellent concepts to start in the world of Cloud Computing. -Mike (student)

 The basic concepts of Cloud Computing are very clear and help us to differentiate the types of services we can obtain for our companies according to their needs and growth. -César (student)