Implementation Guide


Help your students learn about the foundations of cybersecurity, cybersecurity careers, and ways to keep themselves and families secure from cyber attacks.


We are looking for the next generation of heroes who work on the front lines of protecting individuals, organizations, and companies from cyber threats. Today, more than ever, companies, organizations, and nations need strong digital defenses to protect themselves and their data.


Cyber security experts are some of the most highly sought after tech workers around the world and the need is only growing.


Tags: Cybersecurity, Cyber Threat


Language availability: English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil),French (Badge Only)


Recommended student audience:

  • Grades 9th-12th
  • College
  • STEM Nonprofits or after school clubs


Connections to other SkillsBuild for Students learning: Have students check out the “Let’s Talk Safe Tech!” activity kit for fun, easy-to-use resources on how to protect loved ones from cyber attacks.

Estimated time for students to complete the learning

~ 7 modules , 1 assessment, and 2 book summaries

~ 8-10 hours to complete the whole learning plan

Implementation ideas

Do it in a day: Use the “What is Cyber Security” as a jumping off point to begin the day on a hackathon around Cyber Security. It’ll take about an hour and ask students to devise ways their school/college/campus/computer system can be better protected from cyber threats. 


Do it in a week: Want to focus on Cyber Security as part of a week-long program, then this lesson is for you. Break up the learnings into around 2 hour blocks each day, starting with “What is Cyber Security” and “How is Cyber Security Used” and end with a discussion on what impacts Cyber Security has on the real world and beyond the headlines.


Do it over a unit/Summer: Work on a larger unit with cyber security is a part of your programming. Use this lesson plan and pair with other lesson plans such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to provide your students with a more holistic look at the world of data and cyber security. 


Embed it in a class: Use our Cybersecurity Curriculum Map available in the teacher resources channel above to lead your students in a comprehensive deep-dive of cybersecurity fundamentals.  

What users are saying

Pretty extensive knowledge and very well explained for a beginner. -Prathamesh (student)


 Excellent course, which allows me to strengthen my technical knowledge of cybersecurity. 100 % recommended! -Freddie (student)