Implementation Guide


Help your students grapple with solutions for climate change by introducing learning topics related to Sustainability.


Are you prepared to explain to your students how they can further sustainability, including in their own future careers? With SkillsBuild for Students sustainability resources, you’ll be ready to lead productive discussions on understanding the complexity of environmental change, learning from biomimicry to address real-world problems, and planning sustainable supply chains, energy, and waste operations.


Tags: Climate Change; Design Thinking


Language availability: English


Recommended student audience:

  • Environmental Science
  • Career Tech
  • Science
  • Climate Change


Connections to other SkillsBuild for Students content/courses: You can help your students turn their new knowledge into action by assigning them to learn more about Enterprise Design Thinking, and use the process to solve a problem related to climate change.

Implementation ideas

Do it in a day: Introduce the problem of Climate Change via the Understanding Climate Change video, then assign students an activity related to a solution they can apply in their own lives, like the reducing their own plastic footprint activity


Do it in a week: Do a short unit on Sustainability that covers a variety of topics: Supply Chain, Water Quality, Biomimicry and Sustainable Design, and examples of careers in Sustainability


Do it over a unit/summer: Lead a design thinking experience where students earn the Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner badge, learn about climate change and sustainability with resources from the Sustainability channel, and do a Design Thinking Challenge related to solving climate change.

Embed it In a Class: Use our Sustainability Curriculum Map to lead your students in a comprehensive deep-dive of Sustainability. 

What users are saying

Great course, very well explained and interactive, well summarized and leaves no information missing. -David (student)