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Give your students a foundational skillset for better learning with Mindfulness

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In this free, self-paced course, students will learn the basics of mindfulness, a skill they can call on at any time to get into a social emotional learning mindset. Designed by experts from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre and IBM, this course offers students four easy practices that will help them relax and engage fully in the present moment—and in your classroom. 

Course outline

Explorations into Mindfulness

3 hours
4 modules
1 knowledge badge

1. Introduction

1hr 5 minutes
  • Welcome
  • What is Mindfulness? 
  • Why Practice Mindfulness? 
  • Start your Practice

2. Modules

1hr 20 minutes
  • The Power of Breath (25 mins)
  • Body Scan (25 mins)
  • Movement (15 mins)
  • Kindfulness (25 mins)

3. Wrap-up

25 minutes
  • What More Can You Do? 
  • Show What You Know
I copied all 8 of the mindfulness minutes onto a list in my classroom and onto our online platform for students to access any time. I've shared these resources with other teachers, too!”
Tracy Zakavec,
Teacher - Skyline Highschool

What will students learn?

At the end of this course, students will gain a foundational skillset they can apply to any learning situation. They'll be able to:

Understand concepts and key techniques to get into a state of mindfulness

Continuously develop their ability to focus and build self-awareness

Earn and display an industry-recognized credential

Apply mental and emotional management techniques at any time—like in the classroom

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