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Our goal is to help every student, no matter their circumstances, prepare for jobs of the future—jobs that may not even exist yet. Designed by educators and experts in emerging fields, Open P-TECH learning is focused on technology and workplace skills. And it's all free, open, and completely digital.


81% of learners say what they are learning now will prepare them for what they want to do later.

If you’re in high school right now, you might be doing a job in just a few years that doesn’t exist yet at all. We want to show young people where work is moving, the forces driving this movement, and how to be a part of it.
Joel Mangan Executive Director of IBM’s P-TECH

The numbers

Right now, people all over the world are learning with Open P-TECH. They're exploring new subjects and technologies like blockchain, sustainability, and cybersecurity. They're progressing through learning paths to earn industry-recognized badges — badges that show the world what they've learned and what they can do. And everyday, more people begin their learning journey on Open P-TECH.

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The benefits that we’ve seen from using a platform like Open P-TECH is having consistency in how we’re exposing students to specific skills, specifically workplace skills and workplace curriculum.
Nithya Govindasamy Director of Workplace Learning

Dallas Independent School District

What learners are saying

  • My experience [has been] nothing short of enriching. The first course I took on AI reminded me how important it is to continue researching Artificial Intelligence as a force for societal good. The course where I learned to build my own chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant was an eye-opener. [It] provided me with a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the creation of chatbots [...] I spent the summer with Open P-TECH, and I can say it was a summer well-spent.
    Isai Ricon 12th Grade Senior
  • The Open P-TECH course [I took] was great because it allowed me to learn new and useful computer skills. [...] Knowing this new information [about AI assistants] will help me in the future if I ever need to create a simple AI assistant for business or other career opportunities. For my chatbot, I focused on educating the public on the Salvation Army homeless shelter. My chatbot was meant to help anyone with how to get into the shelter, telling them what it was for, and the living conditions of the shelter.
    Arcia Jeffries 9th Grade Freshman
  • I had a lovely experience using the Open P-tech course and learning how to code and design an AI Chatbot. I programmed to address and spread awareness of Covid-19, [providing] locations of testing sites, currently open grocery stores, and what you can do to help stop the spread.
    Julian Saldana 9th Grade Freshman

What educators are saying

  • What stood out to me about Open P-TECH [was] just the variety of ways of learning and teaching students. It wasn't all just reading. They could interact, practice. I love that, doing it step by step. And it was pretty [well] laid out for the teach as well. Everything was really easy for them to access.
    Monquelle Shamburger Career Tech Teacher

    A.H. Parker High School
  • Open P-TECH provides a grounding for the students where they can learn something, without [having to know] too much. It gives them a little scaffolding. That's what I like about it. So far, when I give activities to my students, none of [them] say it's too difficult to comprehend.
    Mohammad Azhar Community College Professor
Borough of Manhattan Community College

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