Our experts from IBM and the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre have teamed up to teach you four easy mindful practices you can try today from your computer – no mountaintop yoga required.

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About mindfulness

Did you know Mindfulness can:

  • reduce stress
  • lower anxiety
  • increase joy
  • build resilience
  • enhance your ability to learn

Mindfulness is kind of like your own superpower- it’s a skill that teaches you presence in the present. When you read the term mindfulness you might think it is people meditating in a dark room, or yogis on a mountain top, and while these can be helpful practices, mindfulness training doesn’t require you to change who or where you are, it is simply a skill that can help you relax in the now and be fully engaged with the current moment.

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Explorations into Mindfulness

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Are you curious about mindfulness? In this course, learners develop an understanding of mindfulness concepts and techniques. They also learn how to further develop focus and self-awareness and how to apply mindfulness practices in various situations.

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About the course

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