Have you heard of Bitcoin digital currency? Blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin possible. Even if you've never heard of it, Blockchain is a fast-growing technology that has huge potential to change how all of our data and transactions are stored. Learn about the technology and how it might impact your life in the near future while earning a digital badge!

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Online course offerings

Blockchain - Getting Started

Audience: Students 14+

In this channel, you’ll learn about the basics of blockchain technologies, including how cryptocurrency works and how IBM is using blockchain technology to improve the security of food.

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Teacher Resources: Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain

Audience: Teachers

Your students already know that their music, their messages, their games, and even mysterious currencies like bitcoin all live in the cloud. But can you explain to them what that really means? Open P-TECH's teacher resources and classroom activities go beyond tracing daily activities to the cloud. They'll help your students understand cloud technology and visualize themselves in great cloud careers.

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