Virtual Mentoring Program

Virtual Mentoring on Open P-TECH equips students worldwide with the tools they need to build successful careers by connecting them to industry professionals through a safe, secure, and free online platform.

About the program

Empowering students to explore career pathways by connecting with industry professionals.

Mentors listen to students’ aspirations, and guide them on their career paths.

Mentors openly share their experience, knowledge, successes, and failures.

Mentors create connections between classroom learning, field experience, and real-world expectations.

Mentoring experiences can be transformative. Research confirms that mentored individuals ultimately earn higher salaries, advance in their careers more quickly, enjoy greater career satisfaction, and feel more committed to their career than those without mentors. Yet young people’s access to mentors remains inequitable and unreliable.

With your participation, Virtual Mentoring on Open P-TECH is helping to close that gap by allowing students (aged 14-20+) to meet a mentor safely and securely online at no cost.

Resources and support

If you have question or need support about the Virtual Mentoring Program, please send us a message.

Contact P-TECH

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