Open P-TECH is a free digital learning platform that offers students all over the world the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies through online courses. Learn more about our platform below.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Open P-TECH different from P-TECH?
Open P-TECH is a digital learning platform and it is available to anyone. P-TECH is an education model for the brick and mortar schools across the world. Please visit for more information about opening a P-TECH school.
Why should I register for Open P-TECH?
Open P-TECH is a digital learning platform that was specially created and curated for teachers and students (ages 14-20 years old). It is intended for a younger audience but open for anyone to use. Open P-TECH also offers free digital credentials once the learner has completed a course. The digital badges can be displayed on your resume/CV or LinkedIn profile. The digital credentials show employers and college/universities that you have the basic knowledge in the different topics found within the platform. Lots of the courses are around emerging technologies and professional skills (example: Mindfulness).
Is there a support e-mail available?
Yes, there is a support e-mail. If you would rather have someone on the support team help, you can drop them an email, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please use our contact form:
I do not want to sign up with Credly.
Your Credly account is a repository to manage your badges. It's where you claim (accept), store and transmit your badges. You manage which badges you want to display in your Credly account settings. To participate in the badge program, you need to create an Credly account. To accept or manage badges, create or sign in to your Credly account. In your profile settings, ensure that the e-mail address you use for Open P-TECH is registered in Credly account. To receive e-mails regarding issued badges, turn on User Transactional e-mails. If you have an existing account registered under a non-Open P-Tech email, you can add your other e-mail address to your account and make it the primary one.
How do I display my badge on my e-mail or social media?
We have a learning activity available on Open P-TECH to teach you how to do that:
Do I need to sign up with Credly?
Yes, in order to claim and access any badges you earn within Open P-TECH you must create an Credly account.
Do I need to use my primary e-mail for Credly?
It's best to use your Open P-Tech profile e-mail address for badges you complete so that you can display them on Social, for example. If you're using your Open P-Tech email to complete learning activities for badges AND your badge sharing settings are turned on in Credly your badges should display in the platform. If you're unsure how to set up for email in Credly, check out the Credly Support page for assistance (
Can I display completed badges from prior experience in Open P-TECH?
Yes, badges that were earned in YourLearning will appear in Open P-TECH.
I have made a badge private on Credly, how can I see it again?
Credly is an independent initiative backed by Pearson VUE. Its focal point is an enterprise-class badging platform built in compliance with the IMS Global Learning Consortium Open Badge Specifications to support the specialized needs of credential issuers, employers, and professionals. The Credly web platform provides a secure means of storage, transport and credential publishing that adds a layer of protection against those who may falsely claim high-stakes credentials. Visit the Credly Support for more information. (
How do I add my badges to LinkedIn?
After you accept your badge, you will be able to share it on different social accounts, and also download and print it, directly from your Credly Profile. By going to yout Profile -> Dashboard you can click on the badge you want to share, and then click the Share button at the top of the page. In order to share your badge from Credly to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you will need to authorize your accounts. Follow these steps to revoke or reconnect authorization for sharing from Credly.  
  1. Login to your Credly account
  2. Click the Profile icon from the top right side of the screen
  3. Select Settings
  4. From the left sidebar, click Applications
  5. Click Reconnect if you would like to re-authorize an app to share your badge
  6. Click Remove if you would like revoke authorization for an app to share your badge
How do I add a signature in my email?
To include your badges on your email signature, watch this video:
What are digital badges and how can they help me?
P-TECH Badges allow you to broadcast your skill with a credentialed program that engages your talents and allows others to recognize your achievements. Badge requirements can include online learning activities, quizzes or exams, experience that requires advisor review or even interviews. Complete the required activities, accept the badge and choose to share your achievements to LinkedIn and other social media. Badges are secure, web-enabled credentials that contain granular, verified information that employers can use to evaluate an individual's potential.
How do I manually mark an activity as complete?
Some activities need to be manually marked as completed when you finish them. Check the YL activity information to see if there is a "Mark Complete" button: Mark activity complete icon. Select it and you'll be prompted to enter the time you spent on the activity. The completion will be processed and immediately added to your learning, if no "Mark Complete button is available, the completion will be processed automatically by the course provider.
I got a badge from Credly, but it doesn’t show on my profile.
You can share your P-TECH digital badge on popular social and professional networking sites, emails, or personal web sites. There's also an option to download the badge to PDF for printing. These settings can be found in your Credly profile. You need to specifically choose where you want your badges shared, even to share on Open P-Tech. Check the "Share My Badge" instructions on Credly ( Every credential and profile on Credly has a unique URL that can be embedded on a resume or website. Credly also offers seamless integration with several popular social and professional networking platforms for the display of credentials as badges.
I have completed a couple badges, however they aren’t showing yet.
Badges that are based on education only are usually issued automatically over the course of 7 days. Sometimes badges are awarded automatically towards the end of each month; therefore, it may take up to one month after completion to receive your badge. CognitiveClass Level 1 badges are self serve. Please go into the course, navigate to the tab marked Courseware, then use the left navigation bar under courseware to go to Certificates and Badges. You will be able to claim your badge there. For Badges that are not automated (i.e. when you need to present evidence for revision), the process is controlled by the badge owner. The revision process, estimated time for badge issuance, and point of contact for questions should be available in the badge Additional Details page (the 'Additional Details' link in the Credly badge page). If you took a course, or a combination of courses that entitles a Badge, please wait a few days before raising a ticket. Also, please note that not all courses and certifications entitles a badge. If you have completed the requirements for earning a badge, but have not received an email notification from Credly ( Check your email's spam or junk folder to see if the notification was delivered there. Make sure the email address on-file with your badge issuing organization is accurate. Explore the badge's Additional Details page by going into the badge page in Credly/YourLearning and clicking 'Additional Details' or 'Additional Information' Contact the badge issuer - you can find a contact in the Additional Details page. If you can't find a contact in the Additional Details page, please send an email to and
How do I reset my password?
We do not control passwords. You accessed Open P-TECh through one of our Single Sign-on (SSO) options (Google, LinkedIn, Azure, IBM ID). Please reset your password with your e-mail service provider. If you continue having problems, please feel free to e-mail us and we will try to help:
Why is my school “not applicable”?
In order to have a school listed in our platform, a faculty member (principal/coordinator) needs to fill in the form in this page: Then we'd be able to have your teacher registered on Open P-TECH, as your admin.