First-in-Line for Jobs

P-TECH Industry Partners commit to making graduates “first-in-line” for jobs. While not a guarantee of employment, this promise signals to students that if they do well in school, they will receive an opportunity to interview for available entry-level careers. Getting in front of a hiring manager is a significant opportunity for students to describe more fully their skills and experiences beyond their resumes. This is a great motivator for students.

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First-in-Line for Jobs

To ensure that “first in line” is not a hollow promise, all aspects of a P-TECH school must ensure that students are mastering the skills required for college and a career. High school and college coursework, along with workplace experiences, must build the academic, technical and professional skills that create solid candidates for employment and college.

Video: Renewal Awards P-TECH – P-TECH graduate Gabriel Rosa’s story

P-TECH graduate Gabriel Rosa narrates the story of how he learned about the school, and how it prepared him for his “new collar” job at IBM.