Reflections from Fujitsu,
P-TECH Industry Partner

Picture of a Quality Assurance Specialist from Fujitsu

What was the most exciting part of the NOSPR AI project for you?

The most exciting part was the application test itself, because I could see the result of my own contribution and what we all managed to create

Did you encounter any significant challenges during your work?

From my perspective, one of the biggest challenges was to assemble a team that would lead such work. Here, we deserve a great deal of respect for the co-creators of our project on the part of Fujitsu -they take up tasks without the slightest hesitation, promote the initiative among other teams of our company, and self-organization and internal cooperation runs very smoothly. As you can see -the seemingly difficult challenge has practically disappeared thanks to the open attitude of our team members.

How were your initial meetings with P-TECH students?

I approached the meeting with students as an opportunity to interact and exchange views on the current IT market and their future (I would give a lot for such initiatives during my technical college years). A briefly structured presentation on the process of our work, there was a dialogue with students on their previous experience with the IT industry Both meetings were fruitful -we heard about the passions of the first grade students. A nice surprise was their serious approach to the subject -may there be as many such meetings ahead of us.

How would you describe Fujitsu view of theP-TECH program?

P-TECH is a great initiative from our perspective. Contact with young “adepts of computer science” allows us to look with their eyes at our industry, which is incredibly dynamic. I am convinced that we will continue to pursue further initiatives related to the P-TECH program in the future.

– Piotr Wójcicki, Quality Assurance Specialist-Tech Lead, Fujitsu