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The P-TECH program is a multifaceted initiative in the field of education. Students complete the level 4 of the Polish Qualifications Framework (Matura) together with education at level 5 of the Polish Qualifications Framework and attain workplace learning skills during apprenticeships. The aim of the P-TECH school model is to provide young people with support in the development their scientific, technical and professional skills in response to the challenges facing the modern labor market: skills gaps, automation and the emergence of new jobs. The P-TECH program was launched in Poland in August 2019 by three partner companies (Fujitsu, IBM, Samsung) and three secondary schools (ZS No. 1 n Wronki, ZSTiO No. 2 in Katowice, Silesian Technical Research School in Katowice).

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P-TECH Partnership

Fundamental to the effective operation of the P-TECH program is the close cooperation of all partners co-creating the program: Education Departments of relevant local government, technical schools, and industry partners. The content partner of the program is the Educational Research Institute, which operates directly under the supervision of the Minister of National Education.

Our partners

Samsung is one of the largest South Korean business groups associating production and service companies operating in many industries and financial institutions. Currently, it employs over 400,000 people worldwide. Employees in the automotive, electronic, chemical, aviation, shipbuilding, commercial and hotel industries, amusement parks, in the design and construction of high-rise buildings, and in the textile and food industry. Samsung was ranked 6th, in the Best Global Brands 2019 ranking.

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The Educational Research Institute (IBE) is a multidisciplinary research institution. Its main interest area is the functioning and effectiveness of lifelong learning and qualifications systems. The Institute participates in national and international research projects, prepares reports, expert opinions and performs advisory functions. The Institute promotes evidence-based policy and practice, and in particular, conducts studies whose results can be used in practice and educational policy development at both the national and local levels. The Institute cooperates with central public administration and representatives of local government authorities. IBE’s partners are key institutions in the Polish education system, stakeholders from the labour market and social partners (employers’ organisations, trade unions). Its growing network of cooperation also includes schools, non-governmental organisations, universities across world, domestic and foreign research centres and international organisations. IBE has highly qualified management and support staff, who have the competence and experience to conduct national and international projects.

In only the past 5 years, IBE has been involved in over 30 projects at national and international levels in the fields of:
  • Lifelong learning and national qualifications systems
  • Vocational education and training
  • The relationship between education and the labour market
  • Core curriculum and the teaching methods of specific subjects
  • Institutional and legal problems facing the education system and educational policy
  • Measurement and analysis of student educational achievements
  • The psychological and pedagogical foundations of school achievement
  • Economic determinants of education, educational finance, and other broad issues concerning the economics of education
  • Working conditions of teachers, working hours, professional status, and competencies
  • Education quality and efficiency research

From 2010 to 2015, on behalf of the Ministry of National Education, IBE was responsible for developing and implementing the National Qulifications Framework and the National Qualifications Register in Poland. Since 2016 IBE has been coordinating the work and supporting the Ministry with the implementation of the Integrated Qualifications System on different levels. The Educational Research Institute (IBE) plays the advisory role in the P-Tech programme, that provides support with expertise on the quality of the programme, its further development and description of market qualifications for P-Tech graduates, aimed at the close adaptation to the needs of their future employers.

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