SkillsBuild STEM Labs

Labs Overview

What are SkillsBuild STEM Labs?

SkillsBuild STEM Labs bring hands-on learning experiences for students straight into the classroom! 


Each lab includes a collection of digital, hands-on, interactive guides to learn about different STEM topics as well as foundational tech skills and  professional careers associated to mastering these topics. Labs explore topics like coding, drone, cybersecurity, data science, and more!


Certain labs will require physical equipment that is shipped to your school in a kit, while other labs only require access to wifi (which means you and your students could get started now!). Physical kits are provided to schools via sponsorships, however, any school can take advantage of our no equipment required labs!


Why teachers will love it

  • Ease of use
  • Connection to curriculum and content on and off of the SkillsBuild for Students platform
  • Open the box and go! 
  • Online community connection with SkillsBuild Connect 
  • Step-by-step teacher guides included with each lab


Why students will love it too!

  • Physical, tangible interactions
  • Offline download of exercises
  • Group activities
  • Career Exploration


SkillsBuild Connect- an online community just for you!

SkillsBuild Connect is an online community for SkillsBuild Students and Teachers. Think of it as our version of Facebook, but way better, and way more valuable to you as a teacher. In SkillsBuild Connect, you can join our group just for SkillsBuild STEM Labs (And while you’re there, take a peek into our Newcomer’s Portal and explore some of the STEM topics we have). Join the SkillsBuild STEM Labs group and tell us how this activity went! We would love to hear feedback, see videos and photos, and any helpful tips and tricks for other teachers using labs.


In this online community you can:


  • Give feedback on how your lab went.
  • Share photos, videos, tips, and any additional activities you came up with.
  • Connect with other teachers who are using SkillsBuild Labs for students.


We love feedback!


We want to hear from you! After completing any of the labs, please take a moment to fill out this short form. The information collected will provide helpful insights on how the Labs kits and activities are being utilized.


SkillsBuild STEM Labs Use 



If you’d like to allow students the option to check-out any of the lab kits, refer to the STEM Lab Kit Student Check-out Directions.



Each lab has an easy to use teacher guide that includes:


  • Recommended online pre-work 
  • Space requirements
  • Student outcomes
  • Relevant skills for the real world
  • Links to online learning content
  • Easy to follow learning paths
  • Access to SkillsBuild for Students content 
  • PDFs of each lesson plan that you can download or print 




Start exploring the labs here:


Tello Drone




Raspberry Pi 400


pi-topCEED Labs

  1. pi-topCEED Introduction
  2. pi-topCEED Sonic Pi 
  3. pi-topCEED CEEDuniverse
  4. pi-topCEED Coding with Minecraft
  5. pi-topCEED Coding with Scratch


Sphero Robot


Introduction to Arduino


Virtual Labs: no/low equipment *perfect for volunteer use!




Design Thinking


Quantum Computing


Steps for Generating Volunteer Engagement with SkillsBuild STEM Labs – US

IBM Industry Program Managers:

  • Create an event in the IBM Volunteer Portal (
    • Volunteer => Create => Get Started and complete the template form.
    • Specify in the event title your school’s name, STEM Lab activity, and if it’s to be for an after-school club, a mentor event, or during a class — for example, P-TECH Norwalk: STEM Lab After-School Club.
    • Within the body of the event, provide these details:
      • SkillsBuild STEM Labs bring hands-on learning experiences for students straight into the classroom! 
      • Why students will love it!
        • Physical, tangible interactions
        • Offline download of exercises
        • Group activities
        • Career exploration
      • A link to this SkillsBuild STEM Labs overview page and direct them to the Abridged version of the lesson plan for the specific kit to be used.
    • Be sure to select the P-TECH tag under the General tag section.
    • Save as a draft. On the next page, you can manage your event by creating shifts for example, etc., then Submit for Approval.
  • Once your event is approved and published, be sure to add it to your Group page. (There is a Add to Group link at the top of your event page.)
  • Also add the event link to your school’s P-TECH Publisher site.
  • Slack and/or email your volunteers (via the P-TECH School Group feature) with a link to the event encouraging them to volunteer.
  • Once you have a volunteer interested, arrange a time to acquaint them with the kit components.