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Interested in learning more about what it takes to work in a cutting-edge technology career? Open P-TECH is a great place to start your career exploration and begin building skills that will help you become well-positioned for a fulfilling career!

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Cutting-edge digital learning for you!

IBM and its collaborators know what tech and professional skills are critical for the future and have packaged that knowledge specifically for you through Open P-TECH!

Why should I use
Open P-TECH? 

Open P-TECH is a great way to jump-start your career exploration with industry-relevant learning created to keep your attention and motivate you to want to learn more. Plus, you will have free access to digital badges from IBM and other partners that can boost your LinkedIn profile or resume to help you get that first meaningful job opportunity. 

Earn industry
recognized digital badges

Digital badges are a great way to show potential employers that you've taken extra steps to be informed about your particular area of interest, and have baseline knowledge and skills in a particular industry area. Once you’ve earned a badge, you can showcase your skills to prospective employers on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites. Learn how to share your badges here.

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badge for Working in a Digital World: Professional Skills
Working in a Digital World: Professional Skills
badge for Build your own Chatbot
Build your own Chatbot
badge for Blockchain Essentials
Blockchain Essentials
badge for Data Science Foundations
Data Science Foundations
badge for Design Thinking Practitioner
Design Thinking Practitioner