Open P-TECH for
Schools & NGOs

Open P-TECH gives schools and organizations who work with students the ability to create admin accounts at absolutely no cost.

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Industry-backed online learning for your whole school!

Schools and student-serving organizations can integrate Open P-TECH into their overall learning plans, so that they can better support and track student progress. Open P-TECH offers administrative accounts at absolutely no cost. This provides the following benefits to organizations who want their own Open P-TECH accounts:

Bulk registration: After an ID is created, organizations can bulk-register all teachers, facilitators, and students who will access the platform through a simple upload feature, or custom URL. This includes the ability to assign students to specific teachers or facilitators to enable easier progress tracking.

Administrative features: Give teachers the ability to track student learning completions, create specific learning plans, assign specific learning to their students, and add external content of their choosing to their organization's Open P-TECH content library.

Customized level of service: Organizations who meet basic requirements for usage will receive individual support from a member of the Open P-TECH team to ensure that all their onboarding needs are met. Organizational users will also have access to custom enablement materials and ongoing webinars to ensure that Open P-TECH is easy to use and maximize.

How do I sign up my organization?

Any organizations that meet the following criteria can fill out the form below.

A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours with simple next steps on how to create accounts for the students and teachers who will access Open P-TECH.


  1. A url to your organization indicating a mission of working with youths aged 14 to 20 years.
  2. A need for at least 10 student accounts and at least one teacher/faculty account.
  3. Name, email address, and title of a point-of-contact for the bulk
  4. registration process.

Fill in the following request form

To sign up your organization, please first register for a personal account with Open P-TECH. Then provide us with your Open P-TECH login information below.