Artificial Intelligence

Most of us have heard about AI before, whether from the movies or from our phones. But do we really know how it works or how it is changing the world around us? AI has the potential to change 100% of jobs in the very near future. Learn the basics of AI and start building your AI skills through the following courses!

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Online course offerings

AI Foundations - Powered by ISTE and IBM

Audience: Students 14+

AI Foundations is an online coursefrom ISTE and IBM that provides high school students with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence, including technical underpinnings, practical applications, and ethical considerations.

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IBM AI Education, Powered by mindSpark Learning

Audience: Teachers

We know that students today will need to understand AI to be successful in the modern workforce, regardless of their career path. Learn how to teach students about AI through this immersive and interactive learning suite of online institutes crafted by and for educators.

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Hands on with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!

Audience: Students 14 – 20

Once you've learned about AI, get hands-on with some of our great 3rd-party Machine Learning resources. Even earn a badge while building your own chatbot!

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Teacher Resources: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Audience: Teachers

Are you prepared to explain how a machine can think to your students? After taking the AI Education course from Mindspark and IBM, check out our great facilitation resources for educators to help your students build their curiosity and knowledge of AI!

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