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Open P-TECH is changing its name to IBM SkillsBuild for Students and Educators on July 7th.
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Join Career Conversations and share your expertise

How'd you get to the career you're in today? Did your path look exactly like you'd imagined?

Right now, young adults are facing so many unknowns. Many of them could use a little guidance. Luckily, you’ve been there. You’ve navigated to a successful career—and all the experience and wisdom you’ve gained along the way can be incredibly beneficial to a young person.

Career Conversations offers a flexible, easy way for you to share everything you’ve learned (and are still learning):

  • Meet in a virtual setting when it suits your schedule
  • Share your experience and career journey in casual conversation
  • Help guide young adults to the right learning and planning for their future career
  • Join a community of IBMers committed to equitable education for all

Keep in mind: While some young people have easy access to experienced professionals, far too many don’t. Your participation in this program helps to close that gap, allowing any young adult to connect with a working professional safely and securely online.


  • For young people, the benefits of Career Conversations might be obvious—career guidance, new connections, access to your experience. But joining Career Conversations affords so many benefits to advisors as well. Acting as an advisor gives you a new opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices, to develop your personal leadership and coaching style, and to engage with motivated, energetic young people. And nobody will challenge you to grow quite like a motivated, energetic young person. Our advisors tend to be incredibly self-motivated and derive satisfaction from imparting their wisdom and experience, and helping young people develop themselves. They often enjoy more job fulfillment, not to mention the professional distinction of being a person who serves others.
  • Career Conversations is really focused on helping young adults figure out useful career pathways. You might have conversations about:
    • Workplace opportunities and expectations
    • The highs and lows of certain jobs,
    • The educational and skill requirements to get into a field, and
    • Other topics related to exploring and building career pathways
    If you're looking to offer support outside of career planning, this program may not be quite right for you. Not sure? Just ask us.
  • To be a Career Conversations advisor, you must: 
    • be an employee of IBM
    • be willing to share your experience and insights with young adults
    • be able to use your career and life experiences to help students in their professional development
    If you meet all of the criteria above, you can sign up to be a mentor using this form today!
  • For this program, we require everyone to use Chronus tools to communicate. Chronus offers a full suite of meeting and messaging tools, including video. It may seem a little strict, but Chronus helps us keep everyone safe. It allows admins to monitor interactions when needed, and to pull transcripts in the event of any undesirable interactions or risky situations between participants. Email, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, phone calls, and other platforms external to Chronus are not approved for communication. But don't worry: you don't have to jump through any hoops to get Chronus. As soon as you register for Career Conversations, you're dropped into the Chronus platform and you can access all of its tools. You can also download the Chronus app and easily use it from your phone.