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Quantum Computing


Course/SkillsBuild for Student Module: SkillsBuild Lab: Quantum Computing Lesson Plan


Topic: Quantum Computing


Length of class: The activities can be completed within a 40 minute class period.


Learning Outcomes: What learners will be able to know, do, or value by the end of the lesson.

  • Students will be able to define quantum computing.
  • Students will be able to define amplitude amplification.
  • Students will engage with the Protein Puzzle game.
  • Students will research how quantum computing is being adopted or used in industry.
  • Students will evaluate the impact of quantum computing on problem solving.


Workplace learning skills:


  • Analytical thinking
  • Agility & cognitive flexibility


Opportunities for IBM volunteer engagement


IBM Quantum Computing Engineers can be tapped to provide a virtual interview opportunity to describe their job and their career path, or to further explain how quantum computing will impact the future.

Required Learning Materials/ Resources

  • Laptops or mobile devices

Learning Environment Needs

No special space requirements are needed.  Wherever laptops or mobile devices can be accessed is all that is required.

Part 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Check for prior knowledge of PCBs with the KWHLAQ worksheet. Ask questions like “What is quantum computing” “Where are these used?”


Start by having students read the article: What is Quantum Computing? (article read: 15 min). Discuss with students what they learned from this and have them update their KWHLAQ worksheet.


Next show the video How it Works: Quantum Computing (video): (3:52 min). Discuss quantum computing and answer any questions they may have. Students can also view the IBM Research video A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing (19 mins).

Part 2: Activity (time varies)

Students can now play the Protein Puzzle game.  This game may be repeated as many times as time allows.

Afterwards, lead a student discussion on the impact that quantum computing can have for solving complex problems.

Part 2: Career Focus (30 mins)

Have students read the articles Quantum Computing: Understanding its Learning Path and Career Choices, We Asked Experts Their Advice on Getting a Job in Quantum Computing, You Don’t Have to Join the Avengers to Pursue a Career in Quantum Computing.


Students can also individually or in groups research how a selected industry is adopting and using quantum computing. Use this handout for this activity: Industry Adoption and Use of Quantum Computing Activity Handout (PDF).

Additional Resources/ Deeper Learning


Assessment/ evaluation

Based on application, how I will I know learners have met intended outcome?

— KWHLAQ worksheet

— Industry research handout

— Teacher may wish to create a rubric for the protein puzzle game

Summary/ conclusion

How will I bring lesson to an effective closing?


  • Check for understanding and answer any subsequent questions
  • Emphasize key information
  • Ask the question “What information did you learn that you think you will find important 3 years from now?”
  • Remind students that there are more relevant courses on SkillsBuild for Students to continue their learning


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