Use this glossary to familiarize yourself with common terms used on SkillsBuild for Students.

In queue – think of this as a to-do list. These can be a range of things: items your student has found and added (just like they would on Netflix for example),  items they’ve started working on or have enrolled in.


Required learning – all items you’ve assigned your students. These will have a due date.


Learning activities – any item, text (such as document, video, or webpage), or experience that results in learning. Time for each item varies and counts toward total hours learning.


Channels – just like a channel on the TV: curated content that all pertains to one topic. Think CNN for news, Artificial Intelligence for everything around this topic, etc.


Learning plans – a specific grouping with assigned tasks that must be completed. These tasks can be learning activities, a task the learner must carry out, or a badge the learner must earn


Tags – a word that gives a category, so anything dealing with a certain topic would be tagged with that category. Think: you’re reading an article about artificial intelligence used at banks  and law offices and the tags could be artificial intelligence, finance, and criminal justice


Primary Team – all of your students. ALLLLLLLL of them.


Secondary Team – your students, and then if applicable, someone else’s students you’ve also been assigned to monitor.


Badge – an industry-recognized credential earned by completing certain courses. This can really pump up your student’s resume since these classes teach skills many professionals – including IBMers –  learn in the workplace.


SkillsBuild Connect – it’s all about community, right? This is where any SkillsBuild user can come and network with others, join groups based on schools or interests, and stay up-to-date on various tech topics.


Level Up – different statuses users can learn based on how many hours of learning they’ve completed on the platform and/or how many badges they’ve earned. Super Learners must complete 40 hours while Champion Learners – Gold must complete 200 hours and 3 badges.


Spotlight – items in the scrolling list of highlighted offerings; it appears right below the welcome message bar and right above the learning section – smack dab in the middle of the page!


Chronusa virtual mentoring platform where mentees and mentors can safely and securely communicate with one another through video and text. (It’s the Fort Knox of communication platforms).


Acclaim – the site where you and your students go to claim all those lovely, lovely badges you’ve earned.


Profile – all the topics you said you were interested in when you first signed up for SkillsBuild for Students and Educators. No worries – you can update these anytime.