Activity Kits

Get Your Head in the Cloud


Students are introduced to cloud concepts and terminology. They will compete against their classmates using an online game to identify real-life examples of how the cloud is used today and partake in a virtual scavenger hunt that uses cloud-based maps.


Topics: Cloud computing

Ties with P-TECH & school curriculum: IBM Cloud (Y1, Y2)

Length of class: 50-60 minutes

Outcomes: What learners will be able to know, do, or value by the end of the lesson.

  • Students will be able to define cloud computing
  • Students will be able to relate how data is stored in the cloud
  • Students will implement cloud functions through cloud-based maps

Workplace learning skills:

  • Analytical thinking

Required Learning Materials

Learning Environment Needs

  • Classroom must have PPT presentation capabilities
  • Student laptop or mobile device access for accessing Kahoot! and Terraclues sites

WhatEducators/Volunteers Need to Know

  • Review the PPT presentation and speaker notes prior to presenting to students
  • Log into Kahoot prior to the session to set up the game and get the PIN code.
    • Log in to Kahoot! ( with the following account information:
      • Username: cloud.together
      • Password: activitykit
    • Once logged in, you should see the Assignments section on the left. Select “What is Cloud Computing?”. On the next screen, note the game PIN code. Students will need this to play. Also note that ONLY up to 10 players are allowed in the game, so students should be teamed if more than 10 students in a class.
    • When students are ready to play, facilitator needs to click the START button (
  • Become familiar with the Terraclues site ( prior to presenting to students.

Activity: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Presentation of Get Your Head in the Cloud PPT (slides 1-3) to students.
  • Introduce students to the quiz using Kahoot! (Get Your Head in the Cloud PPT slide 4).
    • If more than 10 students are in a class, they will need to be paired or teamed to play.
    • Instruct students to access Kahoot! on their laptops or mobile devices.
    • Provide the PIN code for them to enter the game.
    • They will be directed to enter a “Nickname” for themselves as a player identifier. (They can enter a first name, initials, or another name. No personal student data is collected from Kahoot!) They should then click “Ok, go!” When all student names appear on the screen, the facilitator clicks “Start”. The first question will appear on their screens and students will select their answer on their devices. Move onto “Next” when all students have provided their responses. If necessary, discuss the answers (why right or wrong). Click “Next” until all the questions (5) are finished.
    • When the quiz is completed, students should log out of Kahoot! but stay logged onto theirdevice for later online engagement.
  • Get Your Head in the Cloud PPT (slides 5-13).
  • Introduce students to the Terraclues site and scavenger hunt (Get Your Head in the Cloud PPT (slides 14-15).
    • Pair or team up students.
    • Instruct students to access on their laptops or mobile devices.
    • On the Terraclues site, students should click “Start a Hunt”. In the Search box, they should type “American Landmarks” or “Countries and Continents”, then click “Play”.
    • The scavenger hunt can be a challenge (with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners) or not. If there is additional time, students can complete additional hunts.


Based on application, how I will I know learners have met intended outcome(s)?

  • Where is the “cloud”?
  • Why is storing data on the cloud more reliablethan storing data on your computer?


How will I bring the activity to an effective closing?

  • Emphasize key information
  • Check for understanding and answer any subsequent questions