Activity Kits

Engineering Everything


This activity kit is designed to introduce students to the impact engineers and engineering has on their day-to-day lives.  It also acquaints students with engineering careers. 


Topics: Engineering, Careers

Ties with P-TECH &/or school curriculum: P-TECH WPL Careers (Y3, Y4)

Length of class: 50-60 minutes

Outcomes: What learners will be able to know, do, or value by the end of the lesson.

  • Students will identify the impact engineering has on their daily lives
  • Students will understand the role of an engineer
  • Students will examine engineering career options

Workplace learning skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication

Learning Environment Needs

  • Classroom must have PPT presentation capabilities
  • Student laptop access for research

What Educators/Volunteers Need to Know

  • Review the PPT presentation and speaker notes prior to presenting to students
  • Identify a variety of engineering careers not detailed in the PPT
  • Prepare a list of engineering careers to assign students to research (can include those on slide 12)

Activity Part 1: Introduction to Engineering and Engineers (20 min)

1. Presentation of the Engineering Everything PPT to students. Take time for discussion.

Activity Part 2: Career Search (30-40 min)

1. Team up students to research assigned engineering careers. They should be directed to O*Net OnLine ( Ask students to identify 6 specifics (brief job description, education required, skills, types of tasks performed, and 2 others of their choosing) about their assigned engineering career to share with the class. (10-15 min)

2. Student teams will share out their findings. (20-25 min)

Additional Resources

1. Learn what types of engineering projects IBM Distinguished Engineer Naeem Altaf is involved with ( ).

2. Discover E’s National Engineer’s Week YouTube Channel:


How will I know learners have met intended outcome(s)?

  • What 2 basic subjects do all engineers need to know?
  • What education degree is required to become an engineer?
  • Why are there so many types of engineers?


How will I bring the activity to an effective closing?

  • Emphasize key information
  • Check for understanding and answer any subsequent questions