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You know how a lot of the stuff on your phone isn’t actually on your phone? That’s right—all those photos and Spotify playlists are actually on the “cloud”. But what, exactly, is the “cloud”? Explore our cloud computing courses and deepen your understanding of this massive, mysterious library in the sky that powers so much of our world.

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Cloud Computing - Getting Started

Icon for audience For students 14+ Icon for time 1 hour 10 mins

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to save something to “the cloud”, this one’s for you. In just over an hour, you’ll gain a basic understanding of cloud computing terms and models, and the foundational knowledge needed to get you started on your journey to the cloud.

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Introduction to Cloud - Earn a badge!

Icon for audience Students 14+Icon for time 3 hours

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to the core concepts of cloud computing and gain the foundational knowledge you need to understand cloud computing from both business and individual perspectives. Complete this 3-hour course and earn the Cloud Core badge today.

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IBM Cloud Essentials - Earn a badge!

Icon for audience Students 14+Icon for time 7 hours

Dive deep into the IBM Cloud in this 7-hour course and learn about the the many offerings and services that make it the most open and secure public cloud for developers and businesses. Complete the course and earn the IBM Cloud Essentials badge.

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Hybrid Cloud - Getting Started

Icon for audience Students 14+Icon for time 3.5 hours

What is hybrid cloud and how is it related to cloud technology? Explore a selection of resources and learning that’ll introduce you to hybrid cloud. Learn how it's related to cloud technology and discover careers in cloud technology.

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Teacher Resources - Cloud Computing

Icon for audience Teachers Icon for time 3.5 hours

If you’re an educator or parent, dive into these teacher resources and find the best content focused on cloud computing, along with documents, exercises, lesson plans, and a quiz for your students!

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