“Agile” is a term you’ll hear often in the workplace. It’s a methodology that’s changing how people work—for the better. It allows you to create and respond to change. To deal with and succeed in uncertain environments. It’ll help you collaborate more effectively, work smarter, and deliver better outcomes. And if you can master it, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

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Online course offerings

Agile - Getting Started

Icon for audience For students 14+ Icon for time 1 hour 30 min

Start here to learn the basics of agile principles like customer focus, clearly defined outcomes and business value, and course correction for continuous improvement. As you deepen your understanding of agile, you’ll be gaining a super valuable skill you can use to create and respond to change in the workplace.

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Agile Explorer - Earn a badge!

Icon for audience Students 14+Icon for time 7 hours

This course dives deep into the foundational concepts of agile in three parts: A Taste of Agile, Agile Operations Fundamentals, Agile Program Fundamentals. You’ll learn how to initiate Agile conversations with teammates or coworkers, and how to apply Agile methodologies to your school or work projects. Complete all three parts and earn the Agile Explorer badge.

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