We are connected to the internet virtually all the time. And even if we aren’t, many of our devices are! How do we know if our personal information stored on these devices is protected? How do huge companies protect extremely valuable information? Learn the basics of cybersecurity and why it's such a growing career field, while building skills and insights into the world of digital security!

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Online course offerings

Cybersecurity - Getting Started

Audience: Students 14+

This learning channel provides a basic understanding of cybersecurity and how IBM Security is helping clients defend against cyberattacks. Learn more about cybersecurity terminology, roles, and concepts such as encryption, cryptography, and a variety of tactics used by cyberattackers.

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Audience: Teachers

Cybersecurity professionals have a passion for securing systems and protecting data and have a keen interest in information technology. Maybe you're interested in a career in cybersecurity, or just want to learn more about this field?

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Teacher Resources: Cybersecurity

Audience: Teachers

Cybersecurity is a career that can capture your students’ imagination. Open P-TECH’s resources give you exciting, age-appropriate activities that help your students visualize themselves as the guardians of industry, while keeping information safe for themselves and their own families.

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