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  • Groups for schools, teachers, and technology topics
  • Discussions and surveys about what’s happening in the tech space and our world
  • Social engagement that is moderated and secure
  • FUN, FUN, FUN!


SkillsBuild for Students students can take topics to the next level with discussions on our secure community page.SkillsBuild Connect provides dynamic communities and forums, with the security of automatic and IBM-supported moderation.


In SkillsBuild Connect, you can take advantage of a private group just for your school, where you can connect with students. Students can also join groups that they find interesting, like Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking. 






All students can participate in the right conversations with:


  • Custom, private group pages for your organization or school
  • The ability to browse, search, and filter posts by content topics
  • “Reputation” rewards for providing interesting and helpful comments and responses


Teachers and Admins can use SkillsBuild Connect to:


  • Connect with other organizations and crowd-source answers to online learning challenges
  • Post assignments and reminders forSkillsBuild for Students courses
  • Request new features from the SkillsBuild for Students team

Feedback on SkillsBuild Connect

We would love to hear your feedback on the resources provided in this teacher toolkit. Join us on SkillsBuildConnect and give us your feedback in our “Teacher Resources” group HERE.

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