All Things IBM Z

What is the event about?

Business is done online. We shop, we learn, and we socialize. But how do we keep these businesses running and safe from security breaches and hackers? We have the answer at IBM Z!

The backbone to the world’s most important businesses rely on the IBM Z platform. IBM Z powers the startup community, and keeps sensitive data safe. IBM Z is also an open platform meaning it has a longstanding connection to the open source community and benefit from the innovation of open source.

Join IBM Z’s Chief Penguin, Melissa Sassi, and explore enterprise computing in this introductory virtual event. Find out where you can land a job using IBM Z technology and the importance enterprise computing plays in the future of technology. We will conclude our talk with inspiring words around the concept of belonging, not feeling like an imposter, and rocking your growth mindset.

See you there!

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