SkillsBuild STEM Labs Part 1

pi-topCEED Inventor’s Kit


Course/SkillsBuild for Student ModuleInventor’s Kit SkillsBuild Learning Plan


Topics: Coding, Drone Operation, Career Opportunities


Length of class: The introduction of the kit may not take an entire 40 minute class period.  Class time allotments for incorporating the kit in projects can vary, depending upon the activity selected.


Outcomes: What learners will be able to know, do, or value by the end of the lesson.


  • Students will be able to identify individual electronic components.
  • Students will be able to utilize electronic components with Raspberry Pi programs to innovate.


Workplace learning skills:


  • Collaboration
  • Analytical thinking

Required Learning Materials/ Resources

  • Inventor’s Kit (components shown in image)


Learning Environment Needs

The pi-topCEED unit takes up the typical desktop space as would a normal keyboard, mouse, and screen.  Additional space is required for any Inventor’s Kit materials.

Prework for Educators


  • Prior lessons on using the pi-topCEED should be completed so students are familiar with its use before moving into an activity combining it with the Inventor’s Kit.


  • Students should be grouped, and each group provided with an Inventor’s Kit.


  • Students should examine the kit components, using the Inventor’s Kit Guide Components printout provided.


  • As time allows, students can begin a project (either from the Inventor’s Guide or following the Raspberry pi-topCEED CEEDuniverse activity).

Career Focus

Check for prior knowledge. Ask students questions like “What kinds of careers could involve electronics?” Have students read What is an IC Designer and How to Become One?, Becoming an Electronic Circuit Designer, Analog Circuit Design Engineer.



(Optional) Students could also individually or in groups pick a career related to this area to further research. Ask them to complete this Career Research Graphic Organizer. If time allows, students can present their findings to the class. (optional)

Additional Resources/ Deeper Learning

Assessment/ evaluation

Based on application, how I will I know learners have met intended outcome?

  • Career Graphic Organizer (optional)

  • Teacher may wish to create a rubric for activity.


We want to hear from you! After completing this lab, please take a moment to fill out this short form. The information collected will provide helpful insights on how the Labs kits and activities are being utilized.


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