Professional Skills

Tech skills are important for the future economy. Professional skills are arguably more important. Thinking critically, collaborating with others, problem solving, and flexibility are all examples of skills that every company looks for in their hires. Start building your skills on Open P-TECH today!

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Online course offerings

Professional Skills - Getting Started

Audience: Students 14+

You might have great technical skills, but are you ready to work in a professional environment? These courses will help you get a handle on the key skills you need to transition successfully from school to work.

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Teacher Resources: Professional Skills and Innovative Ways of Working Together

Audience: Teachers

Are your students prepared to work collaboratively with other professionals? Can they dream up design ideas that help people? Can they use modern project methods to bring those ideas to life? Professional skills, design thinking, and agile work methods are some of the cornerstones of professional success.

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Free resource, just for teachers

Check out the new Career-Readiness Toolkit for Teachers, designed for teachers with teachers and IBM experts. Get three free lesson plans focused on career-readiness, plus shorter activities you can do with your students any time!