Z-THE-MEAL: Kickstart your enterprise computing career!


Join Danille Jager from P-TECH to welcome you to Z-the-Meal and kickstart your enterprise computing career while feeding four children through World Food Programme #ShareTheMeal.

About the sessions

Session 1: Enterprise Computing
Join Meredith Stowell, Vice President IBM Z Ecosystem, to learn about the platform that powers today’s global businesses and discover career opportunities in enterprise computing.

Session 2: Master the Mainframe platform
Join Misty Decker, Master the Mainframe Program Manager, to learn how you can start IBM Z’s coding challenge, earn badges, win prizes, and gain access to scholarship money.

Session 3: IBMZ-4-GOOD Ideathon
Join Melissa Sassi, IBM Z’s Chief Penguin, to learn about opportunities to share your digital skills forward in your community and bring your tech for good passion to life.

Session 4: Hot jobs in enterprise computing
Experience a day-in-the life of a Z Security Leader, brought to you by Byron Smith. Did we mention that he learned Z skills from Master the Mainframe?

Closing remarks
Join Danille Jager as we close the event & encourage youth to take advantage of the skill-building opportunities available through Master the Mainframe and the wider IBM and P-TECH family.