Resumes & LinkedIn: Standing Out from the Crowd


Today, resumes must appeal to potential employers and be optimized for the digital world.  Chosen words, formatting, and visualization make an impact on moving to the next step and potentially being a highly sought after candidate.  During this session, we will review what a resume could look like and more importantly what it should say about you.  In addition to helping you determine what to include, we will go a step further to help you avoid pitfalls when creating this powerful representation of you.


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About the Speakers

Brandy Bowe is the Program Manager of New Collar Apprenticeships, ensuring that hundreds of IBM apprentices across the country receive the most cutting-edge skills available. Prior to joining the apprenticeship team, she held roles in policy and process, operations, and compliance in the IBM Talent organization. Brandy is passionate about creating equitable pathways to tech, ensuring that all communities have opportunities to upskill and do their #bestworkever.
Amanda Liimatainen is a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Professional and is IBM’s New Collar Program Manager for P-TECH.  She’s passionate about experiences  including the intersection of Design Thinking & Agile.  Her Super-Powers are Pattern Mapping, Empathy, & Grit (SY Partners), and her leadership style is The Advocate.

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