P-TECH Presents: Mindfulness for Education, Career and Life


Life throws us challenges. The world can be heavy. We all have stressors in our day to day. Mindfulness practices and techniques can help all learners in any stage of life develop focus, self-awareness, and improve their mental and emotional well-being. Join us for a conversation with experts on the science behind mindfulness and practical applications that will help you to achieve your goals in your education, career, and life.

About the presenters

Susan Peacock skillfully adapts mindfulness to the workplace, supporting individuals within organizations to thrive and flourish by integrating awareness and presence into everyday life. Drawing on her training as a Psychologist, Mindfulness Trainer, and Coach, she works with leaders and their teams enabling them to perform at their best with vision and focus.

Patrick Kozakiewicz P-TECH Mindfulness Program Manager, Agile Thought Leader & Design Thinking Coach, IBM.

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