Design Researcher


In this session, you will hear from Ploy and Hugh about what it means to be a Design Researcher at IBM. Join us for a fun conversation to learn more about what design research is and the skills you need to pursue a career in design research.

Who is it for?

This session is great for parents, educators, high school students, and professionals alike!

About the presenters

Ploy Buraparate: Ploy is a design researcher with IBM Security. She works on uncovering the real human needs behind complex technical problems to help build a safer, more secure world. Her main interests are finding the special place where psychology, technology, and design intertwine. When she’s not researching, she’s probably playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends and perfecting her pad thai recipe.

Hugh Knapp: Hugh is a design researcher on IBM’s Learning and Corporate Social Responsibility design teams. He studied sociology with a special interest in gender, food, and consumption. As a design researcher at IBM, Hugh tries to understand the individuals that his design team is building digital experiences for. Hugh conducts interviews, surveys, and other research methods to ensure that the design team is making intentional decisions with the experiences and needs of the audience in mind.

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