A Day in the Life: Marketing & Social Media Professional


In today’s digital era, social media has the power to transform businesses, connect communities, and reach global audiences. Serving as our digital storytellers and advocates, social media professionals are in the exciting space of elevating businesses through platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok. In this session, learn the essentials of strategic and meaningful content creation and how you can start your communications and marketing journey today!


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About the Speakers

Rafiat Kasumu is a Social Media Marketing Professional at IBM with over 5 years of experience building social media strategy for IBM’s largest events and conferences. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in International Relations, Development & African Studies. She is passionate about crafting strategic partnerships, creating marketing campaigns, and supporting diversity & inclusion initiatives at her organization.
Marc Phillips is a Content Director within IBM Watson Health. He is responsible for the end-to-end creative journey healthcare IT decision makers take when considering Watson Health solutions. Marc’s expertise spans social media management, copywriting, content strategy, and scriptwriting. Prior to joining IBM, Marc worked for global advertising agencies as the lead content strategist for brands such as Toshiba, Mastercard, Takeda, Gillette, and HPE.

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