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Bosch Diesel – Biggest employer in the Vysocina region, Czech Republic

One of the newest countries to join the P-TECH Network in 2020 is the Czech Republic. The P-TECH Network had the opportunity to interview Pavel Krsička, Head of Personnel Department at Bosch Diesel. Bosch Diesel, the biggest employer in the Vysocina region is the first industry partner to join the Czech Republic P-TECH Network.

Hear why Bosch decided to become a P-TECH Partner.

The Czech Republic launched P-TECH in 2020 with its first school, the Technical and Automative High School and hopes to open additional schools in the coming year.

Why did Bosch Diesel get involved in P-TECH?

There is a lack of interest in technical studies in the Czech Republic. The technical schools are not producing students with right soft and practical experiences to service our industry.

We got involved in P-TECH to be part of the solution to this challenge and because we had the partnership of IBM who have long term experience in Education.

What does your role in P-TECH involve?

We will provide mentors to students. We will give our employees the opportunity to engage in their community through mentorship.

Students will get the opportunity to have internships and practical training at our plants when they are ready. We will also give them various opportunities that will inspire them and build their soft skills such as visit to our plants and learning activities with mentors.

Finally we hope to use this as a way to learn so we can contribute more in discussions to improve technical education in the Czech Republic.

Students and graduates in Czech Republic have a high level of theoretical knowledge but not practical experiences. P-TECH will help us bridge this gap. We were honoured to become the first P-TECH industry partner for IBM in Czech Republic.

Pavel Krsička, Head of Personnel Department, Bosch Diesel s.r.o

What does P-TECH mean for Bosch Diesel as a company?

It is an opportunity for us to help to improve the education system. To improve soft skills, practical experiences and formalize new certifications in the technical fields. We can bring our industry experience to improve the curriculum in our country.

What value does the P-TECH partnership bring to Bosch Diesel?

It creates a pipeline of skilled employees for us. Ones that we help develop. We will also benefit from global learning of the P-TECH network like IBM, other companies and education players.