See the impact of a school model designed to create supportive yet differentiated pathways for young people. P-TECH students not only work toward the common goal of simultaneously earning a high school diploma and STEM associate degree, but they also have the flexibility to move at their own pace and participate in a highly individualized learning environment. We asked students to share stories about their time at P-TECH schools. Read, enjoy, and get inspired here.

Hear From Our Students

Colorado, US

P-TECH is different than other high schools because it pushes you to act like an adult and pushes you to make adult decisions. As a P-TECH student I am expected to be organized and take responsibility for my assignments. I am also expected to act like a college student and behave in professional environments.

New York, US

My favorite part about being a P-TECH Student is the valuable support of the teachers for the students. P-TECH is different than other high schools because it is more dedicated to helping students success in high school, college, and beyond.

Illinois, US

P-TECH has taught me to take advantage of the opportunities I receive.

Louisiana, US

P-TECH has taught me many things. In Workplace Learning, we learn to effectively communicate and how to work efficiently in a business setting. In our computer science class, we learn how to make strings of binary text and how to read them.

Ballarat, Australia

P-TECH has taught me there are always opportunities that you can pursue even if you can’t see them at first. P-TECH helped me to find a pathway. I am now enthusiastic about video editing and deeply interested in building a career in this area.

Maryland, US

My favorite part of being a P-TECH student is the different opportunities that you get to meet new people, exposure to the business and different career pathways available to me such as coding.

New York, US

P-TECH has taught me to be more responsible and to do better with time management. P-TECH has also taught me to be respectful and to grow up. After P-TECH I’d like to study software engineering and work in the cyber security field.

Rhode Island, US

My favorite part of being a part of the P-TECH Program is that I can pursue my passions. I have made new friends and learned traits about myself that I never knew. I love that this program has made me feel part of a community.

Colorado, US

P-TECH has taught me how interconnected the world really is. It has shown me how we create efficient and organized systematic methods of expressing ideas and dreams, whether it’s through the strings of code or the constant strive for a knowledge, through trail and error, P-TECH will always be providing the tools necessary to complete the responsibility of bettering our future.

Colorado, US

P-TECH has taught me not to procrastinate because deadlines are always around the corner. The last thing you want is to end up behind because then you have to catch up. It’s been a great experience in self-management.

Ballarat, Australia

P-TECH at Federation College provides a respected and trusted learning environment where I can explore my strengths and the areas in technology that I’d like to pursue in the future. P-TECH recognises multiple pathways and focusses on my skill growth.

Ballarat, Australia

My favourite part of P-TECH has been the opportunities I have been given to engage with a wide range of people. It has provided me with the potential to pursue further studies that were not previously possible. I have greater confidence and I am more active in the world. I see lots of possibilities for the future. P-TECH provides enough program scope to cater for our individual needs.

New York, US

My favorite part about P-TECH is having a different schedule with the mix of high school and college classes and taking a bus ride to college. I like that P-TECH isn’t a traditional high school and that I was also able to participate in a paid internship at IBM this past summer.

Something P-TECH has taught me is that is OK for plans to change.

Louisiana, US

P-TECH has taught me that college is important in my life, and that it is never too early to start working toward your dreams.

New York, US

The P-TECH lifestyle is completely different than high school lifestyle. Going to the P-TECH program at Hudson Valley Community College’s TEC-SMART building every day gives me much more of a sense of the real world.

Connecticut, US

My favorite part of P-TECH is learning about computers and how to communicate with people better, and work in groups.

Louisiana, US

I like the diverse opportunities that the program gives because computer science can be used for a multitude of career pathways.

New York, US

My favorite part of being a P-TECH student would have to be the environment in which we learn. The students are surrounded at all times by teachers, staff, and students who all care about each other and want everyone to succeed.

Connecticut, US

My favorite part of being a P-TECH student is the opportunities. The opportunity to take college classes, the opportunity to get ahead, and the opportunity to become a part of a close family.

Baltimore, US

P-TECH has taught me many technical skills, but, it has also taught me life lessons. One of the important lessons I learned is the benefits of surrounding myself around others who are likeminded and looking to attain the same goals as you.

Ballarat, Australia

P-TECH offered me opportunities that I would never have been able to pursue in my small rural school. Coming here has been a dream that I thought I would never be able to experience. I am planning on furthering my skills and knowledge in relation to IT, either by pursuing further study or gaining employment in a technology-related job.

New York, US

My favorite experience has been meeting and working with my career coaches. They are the reason why I was able to get hired for my summer paid internship. After working all summer, I was asked to keep working and they are willing to let me work around my high school and college classes.

New York, US

On my job shadows I've been able to do hands-on work that I learned about in my engineering classes and my textbooks. I love being able to actually do the work I'm learning about.

Louisiana, US

At this time I am not sure where my future will bring me, but I know that this program is going to help me build skills that will propel me forward in any field I would want to enter.

Casablanca, Morocco

P-TECH has taught me a lot of things, but maybe the most important thing I have learned as a student there is how to be more self-confident. Thanks to P-TECH, I am no longer the shy girl I was before. I am now someone who can communicate freely and with no fear.

Illinois, US

P-TECH has taught me that anything is possible as long as I put my mind to it. For instance, I did not know the rate at which I was finishing my college classes. In result in December of 2018, I will be obtaining my associates in computer science 6 months before graduating high school.

Colorado, US

I feel like in P-TECH we have close relationships with the adults who help support us like our counselors, teachers, and mentors because we are all in this together. Brendon, my mentor, has taught me a lot about managing my stress and how to reach my long-term goals.

Casablanca, Morocco

P-TECH has given me a space where I can learn new things not only about IT but also about life skills thanks to the extracurricular activities that we have. Thanks to P-TECH I will realize my dream in becoming one of the biggest programmers in the world.

New York, US

P-TECH is different than other high schools, in its networking capabilities. Between having mentors, meeting IBMers who really care about your development during a summer internship, and having a Program Manager help connect me to job opportunities – it is really special – I have key people and resources that help provide me options to transform my life. The industry partnership creates more opportunities that other high schools just can’t provide.

New York, US

My favorite part of my experience so far was being an intern for IBM. Before my internship, I was naïve – I thought I’d be answering phone calls or filing paperwork. I left my internship with profound knowledge of IBM’s corporate culture and contributed to a project bigger than anything I’ve ever done. I gained exposure and insight to several aspects of the computing company, and I was even able to discover opportunities for new beginnings.