How It Works

Public/Private partnership is the foundation of a P-TECH school


P-TECH schools begin with a partnership among at least one school district, community college, and employer. The partners essentially comprise a three-legged stool.

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When you provide ambitious students with access and opportunity, ideas and learning grow to new heights. The students at P-TECH in Brooklyn, NY are a perfect example of this. P-TECH is a public-private partnership model that blends classroom learning with workplace experiences at IBM, giving youth an opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree in a technology discipline. These bright minds are mastering skills that underpin the nation’s fastest growing industries, while gaining critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills that 21st century jobs require.

School District

P-TECH schools are public schools, governed and supported by the local school district. However, they are anything but typical public schools.

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Community College Partner

Community colleges work closely with districts and employers to align and strengthen the relationship between school and work. The associate degrees offered in P-TECH schools are determined early in the planning process, based on the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the identified career pathway.

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Industry Partner

The Industry Partner — or partners, if more than one company is involved — represents a high-growth industry and brings their insight into the skills and qualities they seek in prospective employees and a commitment to foster those skills and qualities in students.

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State Partner

Education is a state function in the United States, and even as the balance shifts among local school districts, state education agencies and the federal government, it is at the state level that critical policy and operational decisions are made that impact the success of a P-TECH school.

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